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1 Oblong. op wo jul 14, 2010 10:05 am

All Credits go to Noel Fielding, genius shins.


You know, I just love the word Oblong, because it's a kids word, adults won't use it. You're like 'oblong oblong oblong' and your father will be like 'I think you'll find it's a rectangle, timothy' adults really won't say it. You'd go up to a business man in suit and on his cellphone and you'll be like 'say oblong' 'no I can't say that' 'come on just say it' 'haha no I can't say that' and we'd go in this dark alley there is nobody there and he's looking around and he's like 'do you really think I can say it?' 'yeah man come on, just say it' so he giggles and he's like '... Oblong' 'I've got it on tape! You're finished!' and then you go to where he works and you show it to all his bosses and they'd laugh and be like 'haha he said oblong!' and then you tape that and soon you're running the city on the power of oblong!

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