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A Drunk and Lonely man.

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1 A Drunk and Lonely man. op zo sep 18, 2011 8:41 am

It was a dark and lonely night. The grieving moon shines but a small and curved window of light into this realm. Splashes of a wave, as the sea tries ever so desperately to breach the edge of the world it knows. Steps once taken mark a path through the sand, only to be washed away by the upcoming tide. Is it not envy that makes the ocean do whatever damage to our hopes and dreams it so possibly can? Would the beach not be filled with castles of sand, entire cities and country sides, bridges and tunnels, Hobbit homes and towers for the beautiful lady and statues of the brave and noble? Were it not for the tide that every so often washes it all away? Instead of it all, there is nothing left to see at night but the footprints of a lonely man, walking the beach in search of an answer, a reason, a – something, to make it all make sense. Footprints once made, to eventually leave no trace.
But the sea does not envy, nor does the moon grieve, nor do children play at the beach during daytime in the false knowledge that their rigorous efforts would produce a sand structure left standing at the end of the day. The world does not breath, the sun is not a happy face. Everything that is, is what it is because logic and the universe made it so. The sky we look at, the planet we walk on and the sea we swim in were not forged by the creators hammer upon the anvil of time, were not blown into existence trillions of years ago, just so that sandcastles could survive the tides.
Everything just is… and nothing really matters. A single man with no hopes and no dreams would not make the clouds cry just by realizing that the weather is not summoned by a dance, because the sun is not happy and the clouds are not sad.
The footprints of a lonely man. A memory of a past. A faint glimpse of what once was. Does the bottlecap on the pier speak bookpages about his life? Does the bottle, filled with the raw smell of beer, buried halfway into the sand and tainted by a label torn half off quote that a drunk was once here? Will the turtle floating lifeless just off the shore be mourned for his death by men’s filth or for the sea’s urge to seek tools of destruction just beyond the borders of her own world? Will the drunk, once a poet, ever fill the world with something more than a footprint on the beach? Will his songs and rhymes ever be remembered by the never fading pages of a poet’s bibliography? Or will they be but the fading memory, drown down in the fading pages of a diary? Will mankind one day collide in perfect harmony engulfed in the muse that once was that drunk and lonely man? Will the history pages praise the choice of words and the build-up of the sentence, the rhythm that the words pas down without the faintest sound? Or will the memory of this man fade with the splashes of a wave upon the ever fading shores where sandcastles and hobbit homes and pretty lady towers crumble by the force of the tides? Will the body that they found next to the turtle choked to death by a bottlecap kicked into sea by a drunk and lonely man even be identified as the empty vessel of a soul once full of words so ever sweet?

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2 Re: A Drunk and Lonely man. op ma sep 19, 2011 11:02 am

Niet aandachtsgeil ofzo maar iemand die er een mening of iets over heeft? Beetje feedback(A)

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3 Re: A Drunk and Lonely man. op wo sep 21, 2011 11:24 am

Het is mooi geschreven, en eigenlijk best diepzinnig study (waarom hebben ze hier niet zo'n 🤓 smiley)
Verder heb ik er eigenlijk niks op aan te merken, behalve dan dat die reactie daarna toch best "aandachtsgeil" overkwam Razz

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